Vibra Travels


In addition to stipends, employees with Vibra Travels benefit from an experience superior to other agencies. You’ll experience white-glove service, a family feel, speed and efficiency when communicating with your recruiter, the availability of resources to help both first-time and seasoned travelers, and more!

Weekly Stipend

We offer a competitive weekly stipend to help you cover your hotel cost, incidentals, etc. while traveling on assignment. It is recommended that you consult with your tax advisor to determine if you qualify for the stipend tax-free or do additional research. You can opt out of the tax-free stipend by submitting your election in writing.

Travel Stipend

Should you decide to travel with us, you will be provided with a mileage or airfare stipend which will be a pre-determined amount depending on your proximity to the facility you’re traveling to. You would receive half of the mileage or airfare stipend on your first paycheck and half on your last paycheck.

Rental Car Discounts

Need a rental car for use during your placement? Not a problem! You’re able to take advantage of special discounted rates on rental cars when you travel with Vibra Travels so you can get your adventure on!

One-Stop Travel Booking

Who wants to spend forever bouncing from site-to-site to book travel? Not you, right?! When you travel with Vibra Travels, you’ll get to take advantage of our one-stop travel booking marketplace to make booking travel fast and simple! And if you need assistance, US-based agents are available 24/7.

Benefits Resources

Looking for health benefit/coverage information? Please see these helpful links to some available resources:

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