for your specific needs

for your specific needs

Build your team

Build your team

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We work together to quickly fill your hospital staffing needs with quality talent, saving you money and helping you increase census.

We’ll assemble the right team of clinicians to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.

For Employers

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We treat each client as if
they were our own hospital.

We partner with you like an internal recruiter, creating a more customized approach.

Why Partner with Vibra Travels?

We act like an internal talent acquisition department.

At Vibra Travels, our small, but mighty recruiting team works together to fill your specific hospital staffing needs. You really get to know your recruiter just as if they worked directly for your organization.

More importantly, our ability to place quality talent, quickly, results in increased census, cost savings over other agencies, and the ability to staff in markets where talent is tight.

Past Success:

For our Denver client, Vibra Travels was charged with hiring 20 travelers to help replace high-cost agency staff. We turned that request around in less than three weeks, hiring a mix of RNs, RTs and LPNs to complete 8-13 week assignments at 15-30% reduced cost over other agencies. Our client received weekly communication about their cost savings, hires, etc. This resulted in year-over-year savings of close to one million dollars!

In San Francisco, our client was able to take up to eight more patients due to our ability to provide travelers. This helped to grow their business during one of the busiest times of the year.

The Vibra Travels Difference

When you partner with Vibra Travels, your account manager will work with you to review your current agency cost and determine how we can replace your existing staffing agency and save you money week-over-week.

We treat each client as if they were our own hospital. Your recruiter acts like an internal talent acquisition partner vs. an outside agency. Our director of clinical services ensures that once a traveler is placed at your location, you have a point of contact for feedback and questions.

Hear From Our Employers 

“Our community was hit hard with COVID, and we did not have enough staff to accommodate all the patients that needed a rehabilitation hospital. We reached out to Vibra Travels, and they were able to send us nurses which helped us to take more patients. We felt like we were finally able to do what we needed to help our community. The nurses we have received from Vibra Travels have been absolutely wonderful!”

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found such great nurses to be part of our team for the next few weeks and maybe even longer.”

Over my many years in management I have worked with a large variety of healthcare staffing companies. My experiences have been varied, but overall, I have been disappointed due to factors such as inconsistency in communication, weak candidate skills, poor candidate performance, and high cost. Staffing over the past years has been extremely challenging to say the least. During this period I can attest that Vibra Travels has been a lifesaver for our team. We have greatly appreciated and benefitted from the professional communication, consistency of candidate performance, and streamlined processes that Vibra Travels offers. To date, we have worked with a total of six different Vibra Travels RNs and LPNs and we have greatly enjoyed having each of them on our team. We have completely stopped working with all other travel companies and work exclusively with Vibra Travels.

Just the Facts

  • We focus on hiring RNs, LPNs, RTs, PTs, OTs, & SLPs, specifically for critical care hospitals (or LTACHs) and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Originating as a division of Vibra Healthcare, which owns and operates critical care and rehabilitation hospitals, we have a strong understanding of what type of talent works in those settings.
  • We complete the entire process from start-to-finish, onboarding your talent and ensuring compliance across the board before they start in your building.
  • No lengthy contracts. You have the flexibility to move a traveler within your own system if things change at the host hospital. Or we can place them back in our own system if things change and you no longer need the traveler mid-contract.
  • Vibra Travels employs a director of clinical services to work directly with you and your clinical leaders on the travelers’ performance and gather feedback. Our director was a CCO in a critical care hospital. She can partner with your CCO on what you’re looking for and provides an important perspective during the interview process.
  • We partner with you like an internal recruiter, creating a more customized approach with a focus on the quality of hire, not simply filling a placement like other agencies.
  • You will have a dedicated recruiter to support your team.
  • Straightforward pricing with no on-call or call-back fees.


Our Approach is Simple:

We are not an agency. We are a company. We treat your healthcare talent needs as if they were our own.

About Vibra Travels

Vibra Travels

Vibra Travels launched in January 2021 with three team members. Since then, our team has tripled in size (and is still growing!) with all staff members dedicated toward serving our hospitals with quality travelers.

Our approach is simple: we are not an agency. We are a company. We treat your healthcare talent needs as if they were our own. In fact, we started out serving only our own hospitals with travel talent and placed 250+ travelers at our 65 critical care and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals across the United States. We quickly became the provider of choice.

Given our success, Vibra Travels made the strategic decision to also serve external clients. We get to know each traveler and seek to understand the needs of each hospital. Whether that need is to serve more patients, reduce existing agency cost, or find a reliable staffing partner, we’re here to help.

The Vibra Travels team is made up of HR professionals, clinicians, and dedicated customer service leaders. We support each other so we can support you and your hospital’s needs. Contact us, email us at or by reaching out directly to one of our team members.

Learn more about our staffing support and hear from our clients.