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About Us

The best traveling clinician agency isn’t an agency at all. It’s a family.

How we’re different from an agency

Unlike working for agency after agency, with our travel program, you get to work for one company.

  • Explore 80+ locations across the U.S.
  • Our competitive stipends for housing, meals, and incidentals are straightforward and simple.
  • Become part of a work family. Build relationships with hospital leadership and interact with travelers from across the country.
  • Enjoy experiences and cultures nationwide.

We specialize in 2 types of hospitals

Since 2004, Vibra Healthcare has been helping people all across the country.

Vibra Healthcare has been helping people all across the country through their recoveries from serious injuries, illnesses, and debilitating medical conditions. Our employees work hard around-the-clock to provide patients and their family members with the personalized, compassionate medical and rehabilitation services they need and deserve.

The Vibra Healthcare team is dedicated to providing patient care with a commitment to clinical service excellence, a culture that inspires teamwork, and a passionate workforce driven by a dedication to patient wellness.

1. Critical Care

Our critical care hospitals cater to patients who will benefit from extended recovery times.

2. Medical Rehabilitation

We offer inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services to get our patients back on their feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can work PRN at one of our locations as your home base and then travel to our various hospitals. That is one of the biggest benefits of working with Vibra Travels. You have access to work PRN (pending a need) at one of our local hospitals on the weeks that you are not traveling.

PRN is available on the weeks that you are not traveling and before or after your assignments. PRN can not be done during the same time as your travel assignment.

PRN rates are based on the local rates of the hospital, not travel compensation rates.

No, you can not travel to a Vibra or Ernest hospital that is local to market. Travelers are only placed at hospitals 50 miles from their current residence. If you live locally by one of our hospitals, please reach out to Stacey Mattingly and she will connect you with our local hospital recruiters so you can be considered for a full-time position with one of those locations.

No, current employees cannot convert to a traveler for their home base hospital. If you are interested in becoming a traveler, you can work at your home base hospital PRN and then travel for us throughout the country (50+ miles outside of your home base hospital). PRN shifts can be done before or after your assignment (but not during your assignment).

Yes, all travelers have to have their ACLS and BLS through the American Heart Association prior to travel.

We will reimburse you for your license at the completion of your assignment pending that you turn in applicable receipts.

Pending all pre-hire steps completed and giving the traveler time to get their affairs in order, we like to start you within three weeks of acceptance.

Referral bonus opportunities are available to Vibra Travels staff! Contact your recruiter to find out more about our referral program

Pay is determined by years of experience and the region that you choose to travel in. We do offer a competitive hourly salary and a stipend for housing meals and incidentals. Contact your recruiter to find out more!

Let’s turn your career into an adventure!